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ZIRBUS is a beautiful German family SMI based in BAD GRUND.

It was created in 1984 by Mr. Zirbus. Since the accidental death of Mr. Zirbus, the company has been managed by the 3 Zirbus sons: Benjamin (CEO), Christian (director of the freeze-drying BU), and Stephan (CFO).

ZIRBUS has around 120 employees and specializes in 2 product lines: freeze dryers and autoclaves.

Zirbus has been manufacturing autoclaves and freeze dryers according to your needs, drawing on a base of purchased or manufactured components that have already been tested and proven.

Thanks to this bank of proven components, Zirbus autoclaves and freeze dryers are fully configurable according to your needs, while remaining affordable. They are manufactured entirely in Germany in the vertically integrated manufacturing unit in Bad-Grund.

It is this German quality, tailor-made, at a reasonable price, which has made Zirbus’ reputation.

Zirbus products are delivered, according to your needs, with all the documentation and qualification and validation operations requested by your type of industry (pharmacy, medical, laboratories, etc.): GMP, FDA, etc.

You can discover the Zirbus company in this video