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Algae (Algae Research)

Proposed equipments: Phytotrons, Photobioreactors, Shaking incubators

On this page you will find the equipment most often requested from us for your research on algae: shaker incubators, algae growth chambers (also called phytotrons or algae growth chambers), special fermenters for algae (photo-biorecators )

These equipments are widely used to study the cultivation of algae (or algoculture), the fermentation of algae, the development of algae and their growth.

In recent years, our customers have been asking us for more and more equipment dedicated to the study of algae.

Indeed, algae are increasingly analyzed to find solutions for (i) CO2 capture, (ii) food security for humans or animals, (iii) the production of green energy and biogas. and this in a context of environmental sustainability.

Algae are rich in biomass which makes them an ideal choice for producing biofuels.

They grow rapidly and are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, hence hopes for improving food security in a context of growing populations and shrinking cultivable land.

And finally, their potential for capturing CO2 through photosynthesis needs to be studied and developed.

To illustrate the growing interest of European research funders for algae, here are some major programs launched by Europe:

AT-SEA aims to develop seaweed cultures in the open sea to produce sustainable raw materials for the food industry, chemicals and biofuels.

GENIALG seeks to develop a bioeconomy based on algae

MACROCASCADE focuses on the use of marine macro-algae.

ALGAECEUTICALS aims to study the therapeutic effects of algae

SEARefinery seeks to produce algae rich in proteins, juices and sugars, in a sustainable way, for use in the food industry.